Heroes of Might and Magic V Faction Q&A

Ubisoft's official Might and Magic community website has been updated with a Q&A about the newly announced Dungeon faction in Heroes of Might and Magic. Here's a bit to get you started:
Q: What were your inspirations when creating this new faction?

A: We somewhat based ourselves on the classical fantasy descriptions and general idea of Dark Elves, yet changed it to fit the Heroes of Might and Magic V universe. Actually, we were inspired by two ideas: the conception of Dungeon in the previous HoMM games and the conception of Dark Elves in various fantasy worlds, especially those Dark Elves that live in the city of Menzoberronzan described by R.A. Salvatore. The idea of Dungeon underground faction inspired us because it brings in wholeness and completeness to the gaming world and has many distinctive features from the gameplay point of view, while the idea of Dark Elves brings in a new culture with its own bright characters, individuality, architecture, and beliefs, which are all very inspiring. This mix makes for a really interesting and attractive faction!

This nation is not as evil as Demons, nor do they worship death like Necromants. Dark Elves used to be Sylvan Elves, but one day they made a pact with Faceless and accepted darkness. That's what we kept in mind when creating them. As fast, strong, free, and beautiful as common Elves, yet indifferent and merciless like one's shadow. Their actions are not aimed at others' sufferings nor do they try to bring good to the world. They follow their own way, and if you turn out to be in their way, they won't even listen to your excuses.

Classical Dark Elves worship spiders, but we replaced spiders with dragons as dragons are very important creatures in the Heroes of Might and Magic V world, as well as in the Might and Magic universe in general. Visually, classic fantasy Dark Elves are pictured with purple skin and pale hair. As our Dark Elves are renegades from the Sylvan faction, they differ from the Sylvan Elves more in their morals than in their looks. However, their look delivers the general idea of this faction: free, strong, fast, and (dark.) Indifferent to others' desires and sufferings, they follow their own way that lies through the shadows.