Dungeon Siege II v2.2 Patch Plans

Gas Powered Games moderator "DragonTeeth12" stopped by the official GPG Garage forums to provide a list of fixes planned for the upcoming v2.2 patch for Dungeon Siege II. The full list to follow:
Act 1

Ch4: Upon retrieving the cure for Taar, Taar asks to join you. If you accept, the cure quest is not updated in the journal.
Ch5 Dryad Exile Camp: After battle is won, the Azunite Scholar won't stop asking for help.
Ch6: Upon meeting Vix in Eastern Greilyn Jungle, he asks to join you. If you accept, the cabin door does not open.
After Ch1: Found/rescued NPCs (but not hired) are not at the local inn when you return there.

Act 2

Ch3: You run out of crystals before lighting all four lights, even though you found all four crystals.
Ch3: After finishing Elen'Lu island quest, Finala asks to join you. If you accept, the Isles quest isn't updated in journal.
after Ch3: Finala fixes an elevator in Upper Greilyn Jungle cave, but it stops working (or never works) although lever moves.
Ch5: Skipping a cutscene of Vai'kesh prophet running away, the prophet does not escape nor do it's followers get aggressive.
Ch7: In Snowbrook Castle, can't find the Commander at the North Gate after fulfilling her request to destroy the rock-throwers.
Ch8: If leave the fight (save/die) with Talon the Dragon at the top of Snowbrook Castle, can't continue the fight.

Act 3

Ch6: Although water flows in all 4 waterways, all four parts of bridge in Agallan trials haven't been raised.
Ch9: After saving where Valdis is, and reloading, there's no cutscene or Valdis.


- modification so client will always query games at a public ip address, regardless of what the host reports (for routers that are passing on PC's private ip address).
- remove need for adding dpnsvr command line entry for some routers.


Retain last 5 backups of savegame, in addition to current savegame. New backup format will not be .bak, so 3rd-party cleanup utilities do not delete them.

Modding Support

A number of changes to file structuring and data handling to better integrate future mod resources and tools.