Dungeon Siege II Review

GamePro has tossed up a short review of Dungeon Siege II, giving the action RPG sequel an overall score of 4.5/5. A snippet to follow:
In these types of games, graphics and sound barely matter--they're essentially empty vessels for more clicks and more compulsive carnage. Nevertheless, Dungeon Siege II shines brightly. Though the textures and models tend to fall to pieces if you zoom in too closely--some surfaces look pixilated and blurry, and polygons frequently pass through each other--the special effects and environments look simply dazzling. They certainly put Diablo II's 2D, 640x480 sprites to shame. Again, this observation is almost beside the point. On the audio side, it's pretty much what you'd expect to find: yelp, thuds, and thwacks, driven along by propulsive bongo beats. That, and some mediocre but inoffensive voice acting.