Dungeon Siege II Reviews

A handful of new reviews for Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II reached the web over the past weekend. The first is at G4TV with an overall score of 4/5:
Dungeon Siege II offers many refinements over the original. The gameplay and plot are familiar, but the game still provides a fun and lengthy quest into an appealing fantasy world. The inclusion of an intuitive, open character building system, commendable AI, and great multiplayer options make this a fine choice for fans of the original game, and those looking for a good action-heavy role-playing experience.

The second is at Gameguru Mania with an overall score of 80%:
Overall, if you liked Dungeon Siege you will love this game. If you didn't like Dungeon Siege then stay away because this is a lot more of the same except with better graphics and more in depth game play. I suggest you consider downloading the demo version and testing that out first. Then you will have your own opinion of the game, and can make a decision from your own knowledge.

The third is at The Discworld with an overall score of 81%:
Dungeon Siege II is a solid if slightly uninspiring sequel which whilst providing you with exactly what you'd expect from a game of this type, doesn't offer much more. It ticks all the boxes but then doesn't go any further. It's good, it's thoroughly recommended to gamers, just don't expect to still be playing it this time next year.

And the fourth is at RPGDot with an overall score of 9/10:
For fans of the original game, as well as folks who are just making their first attempt at RPG gaming and want a starting fare that is "RPG-Lite" - you can't go wrong making the investment and adding Dungeon Siege II to your gaming inventory - I know I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, and I am sure you will too!