Dungeon Siege II Reviews

Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel continues to do well, with another handful of favorable reviews popping up on the web. The first is at GameSpy with an overall score of 4/5:
While it never strays too far from the standard action-RPG formula, Dungeon Siege II stands as one of the most solid games in its genre to date. An improved story, questing system, and plenty to do means that if you were a fan of the original and are in need of some good hacking and slashing, you should pick this one up.

The second is at Inside Gamer Online with an overall score of 8.4/10:
The most impressive feature of Dungeon Siege 2 is how well it balances the sleek combat of the original with enhancements that add breadth, without any element feeling out of place. It makes for an easy recommendation, considering the current shortage of quality single-player role-playing games on the PC. If you don't care for the action-RPG formula, Dungeon Siege 2 won't fulfill the Morrowind-sized hole, but if you liked the original, or even if you thought it had potential but missed the mark, you won't be disappointed. Even better, your mouse-clicking finger will get a workout in the process.

The third is at GamersInfo with no overall score:
With a meatier story, greatly improved gameplay and tons of new features, Dungeon Siege 2 belongs on the hard drives of any co-op RPG fan and any gamer who can appreciate a game for being simple, elegant and fun.

And the fourth is at GameAxis with an overall score of 7.5/10:
All party members and pets gain experience in battle just like you do, and you can switch over to them at anytime with a press of the hotkeys. Most of the time though, the AI does a pretty decent job. The enemy AI also makes use of each creature’s special ability, such as magic users summoning beasts to attack the party before casting offensive spells. Fighters charging up to the front to attack while the archers fire from the back. Boss monsters hanging at the back while the minions surge forward to soften up the party. Typical AI you’d expect from the games nowadays.