The Witcher Preview

IGN PC has put together an updated preview of The Witcher, after seeing the latest build of the RPG during this year's Leipzig Games Convention. A snippet:
As you can tell from the latest screenshots, The Witcher is looking absolutely beautiful at this point. Although the game is built on Bioware's Aurora engine, with all the graphical tweaks and changes the team has implemented, you can hardly tell there's any relation to Neverwinter Nights. CDProjekt has kept up with the times, and the game looks about as good as any title we've seen to date. The graphical demo we saw today highlighted the game's full day/night cycle. During sunrise the sky went from black to pink to orange to purple then to blue, and the sunset was pretty enough to impress the sourest of dates. The game also sports some of the best liquid effects -- both rain and blood -- that we've ever seen in a game. Because of the fantasy-horror theme, expect some pretty gory sequences, but although gruesome, the blood effects are also quite gorgeous in their own way as your life-liquid spurts and beads on the ground during fights.