Dungeon Siege II Team Q&A #3

The third installment to RPG Vault's Dungeon Siege II Team Q&A is now available, this time asking the development team about their favorite locations and memorable moments in the game. Check it out:
Q: What are some of the locations you particularly enjoy visiting in the gameworld, and why does each appeal to you?

Chad Verrall, Cinematic Artist: Vai'kesh Forest - it's a dark forest of deep green, filled with brambles and thorns. It's a very uninviting place with a subtle but constant moaning as the very forest itself is writhing in pain. I'm not sure why, but I always find myself drawn to the darker and moodier locations of games.

The Plateau where you fight the "Triple Mages" - I love the vista and the cinematic element as they converge on your party. The texture work and decorations also really help nail the mood for the location.