The Witcher Interview, Part One

HC.Gamer has conducted an interview with CD Projekt Red about their upcoming Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher. Check it out:
Q: Which RPGs gave the inspiration to make The Witcher? What are your favorite role playing games?

A: We'd much rather see our game in the line with productions of a great storyline like Baldur's Gate (epically drawn plotline) or Planescape: Torment (extraordinary protagonist and his mystery). We ourselves would probable be the closest to calling The Witcher a 'medieval' version of Fallout, mainly due to two similarities - nonlinearity and mature world full of violence and eroticism. Additionally, unlike in the case of titles mentioned above, we have for our disposal a unique protagonist - strongly characterized by his literary background, story and interpersonal relations. This, we think, wins us a lot and works to the game's advantage.

As for my favorites it would be a sin not to mention all of the above titles. They are simply milestones in RPG genre, you don't see such games a lot lately.