Dungeon Siege II Team Q&A #2

The second installment to RPG Vault's Dungeon Siege II Team Q&A is now available, this time quizzing the game's development team about some of the more powerful equipment we'll be using.
Q: What are some weapons, pieces of armor and general items that you consider especially cool in the game, and what makes them stand out for you?

Chad Verrall, Cinematic Artist: The unique robes called Bloodspeaker are my favorite robes in the game, partially because I'm a fan of purple and partially because they are really good!

The Lich's Carcass set is also sweet and happens to match the Bloodspeaker robes! The Lich's Hands are these long claws that have purple flames drifting off them.

Ruin's Herald is a really cool staff that has a winged dragon that forms the head of the staff. The whole staff is encompassed in flame; it really is impressive looking.