The Witcher Q&A, Part One

The folks at FiringSquad have published the first portion of a new interview with CD Projekt, in which the developers discuss their upcoming Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher. Here's a little something to start you off:
Q: What are some of the other key features of (RPG Re-defined)?

A: We are trying to approach the idea of equipment and inventory in a way, that has not yet been seen in cRPGs. First and foremost, we decided that even a near superhuman character should not be able to carry 5 full-plated armors ;). That's why the idea of equipping is unlike all you've ever seen. We have 5 main '˜slots' for the weapons (they can be sheathed or strapped to our belt). We can also change our garments, yet all the items we find can only by stored in a belt-sack. So, as you can see, our '˜collectorship' should only be aimed at the most precious items and elixir ingredients so important for the Witcher. It is because of them, that the Witcher will be able to achieve supernatural strength and agility. As far as elixirs go, we'll have a reasonable amount of freedom when mixing them together.

Last but not least, there's the idea of intuitiveness of control. Therefore, we intend to give the players three ways to control the main character. The very basic is the mouse-based control system. It's an ample means of controlling the game, which allows full comfort and is unbelievably simple to use. We think that it will be nicely completed by a standard isometric view of the game. More proficient gamers will be presented with the opportunity to use the WSAD + mouse combination and here we believe TPP perspective will be the most suitable. Both of these, however, will be enhanced by the possibility of defining one's own key bindings and a wide range of the screen customization options, allowing the player to control the game in a way he or she finds the most efficient.

To put it all together, we believe that the time has come for the RPGs to achieve and gain new quality. We wish they would be more realistic, plot-oriented and visually mature. Open, to put it short, so as to bring loads of sheer joy. We wish for the RPGs to concentrate on intriguing storyline and to offer as much freedom in making decisions as possible. We wish for them to present us with non-linearity and real-life realism and to avoid the childishness and over-simplicity. We've had enough of good' versus gvil' struggles, enough of over-polishing the rough realties.

Of course, the very term of RPG Redefined might sound fancy or even bold. As for now, however, we're sure our game is and will be RPG Redefined. Will our ideas influence the genre. depends on many factors. Yet, we're certain we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of directing the RPGs into an entirely new route. Even if by means of some our inventions only.

Some might ask, how will newbies, fledglings fulfill their promises? True. we might respond, but the freshness we represent allows us to look at the genre from an entirely unbiased perspective and it helps, helps a lot. It's like we're completely new, so we don't realize the impossibilities. and since we don't, nothing is impossible ;-).