Dungeon Siege II Interview

ComputerAndVideoGames.com has fired off a large batch of questions about Dungeon Siege II to Gas Powered Games founder and lead designer Chris Taylor. Here's a bit of what was talked about:
Q: The first Dungeon Siege had a nice line in subtle humour. Are you planning to continue this in DS2 or work in some satire on the RPG genre?

A: The writer of the first Dungeon Siege was Neil Halford and he did bake a lot of humour under the surface of the game. It was interesting seeing people react to that, but with Dungeon Siege II we're going for a much darker atmosphere. We're telling a much more serious story about our hero and the plight that they are enduring. The thing about comedy is that it's very hard to write without it shaping the entire game experience. You can't do both - look at Brian Fargo's The Bard's Tale, which choose comedy as the direction for the entire game. We wanted to make our whole experience darker, more gritty, and something that drew you in more. It's hard to bring all that in and bring comedy in too.