Dungeon Siege II Q&A

GameSpot has published a two-page Q&A with Gas Powered Games' Bartosz Kijanka, in which the executive producer reveals some final details about Dungeon Siege II now that the action RPG sequel is nearing completion. A snip:
Q: What were some of the bigger challenges during development? Was this an easier game to make, since you had the experience of making the first game, or did it prove to be just as challenging?

A: This was a very challenging game to make, but for different reasons than the original. We managed to work a lot smarter during development, but we still had a unique set of challenges that pushed us to learn. For example, Dungeon Siege II has many more cinematic sequences and much more voice-over than the first game. This was the first time we made a game with such a high volume of those elements, so content management and workflow were bigger issues than in Dungeon Siege. Overall, even though we faced new challenges in Dungeon Siege II, it was ultimately an easier and much more predictable project than Dungeon Siege.