Dungeon Siege II Peek #1

Gas Powered Games designer Daniel Achterman offers his insights on skill trees and special powers in RPG Vault's first "peek" feature for Dungeon Siege II. Here's a little something to get you started:
Learning skills is also how characters learn powers, which are major special abilities that can swing a fight in a hurry. For example, a Fighter that specializes in two-handed weapon skills will learn Staggering Blow, which can stun large groups of enemies. A Combat Mage that specializes in fire magic will learn Flame Nexus, which throws a massive ball of fire that tears through enemies, burning everything in its path! Of course, you'll have to invest many skill points in just a few skills to strengthen your powers, so you have to choose whether to specialize to get stronger powers or whether to spread your points between a variety of skills.

Three exclusive screenshots are included, as well!