Hellgate: London E3 Previews

Both Boomtown and Fragland have written up previews of Flagship Studios' Hellgate: London, based upon a demonstration of the RPG during E3. A snip from Boomtown's article:
Hellgate: London has been in development for 18 months now, and the game runs on a proprietary graphics engine. The engine had to be capable of creating randomly generated missions, which none of the traditional engines are. In Hellgate: London, no missions are the same the game will generate random areas, events and objects for them.

And a snip from Fragland's article:
Combat is different from your everyday RPG. The fast-paced action essentially makes this a first-person Diablo, which isn't too surprising, knowing the developers worked for Blizzard Entertainment in the past. You will be able to dual-wield some of the weapons (ever since Halo 2 came by, dual-wielding is all the hype, if you ask me) and you can also carry melee weapons. When equipping a melee weapon, the game automatically switches to a wider third-person standpoint, which gives you a better view of the action. If you want, you can always change back to the standard first-person view.