The Witcher Interview

IGN PC has conducted a two-page interview with CD Projekt's Piotr Panasewicz, in which they discuss the upcoming Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher. Here's a taste:
Q: We've heard this game compared to Diablo more than a few times. Would that be fair? How complex is the combat system and character skill development?

A: Diablo is probably not the luckiest choice as far as any comparison is concerned. Of course, the games have a bit in common, say. a very intuitive control system, quite an amount of fighting too, but that's basically it.

The combat system in our game divides itself into two separate levels. The arcade one and the tactical one. Both being the most complex, yet intuitive, system one's probably ever seen in PC RPG's.

The arcade part is fairly simple. You attack your opponent by clicking at them. Once the first blow's ended, you hit one more time (the sequence is additionally signaled by the glow of the cursor and the sword). If you're skillful enough, you attack once more, inflicting even more damage to the target. If you click too soon, the first hit will not yet be finished; if you're too slow, the sequence will be broken. Add to this all kinds of ducks and dodges, plus the Witcher's magical signs--both in the reach of your right mouse button. Sounds simple, doesn't it? And it is simple, giving the game an entirely new feel of freshness and loads of unspeakable pleasure.