Dungeon Siege II Preview

1Up has put together a preview of Dungeon Siege II, after spending some firsthand time with Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' action RPG sequel. Take a look:
Gear could actually be the inspiration for spending some time on secondary attributes. Outfitting has become a staple of modern RPG's and Dungeon Siege II doesn't look to disappoint in this regard. In just the few hours of play available with this build we came across enough items to fill a fantasy fashion warehouse store. The kicker is that the good stuff is all tied to at least one attribute. Spells require a minimum level in their respective discipline; weapons and armor are tied to ranged and melee ability. A good bow, for example, could need at least level five proficiency in ranged to be used. So, that aforementioned mage could actually be wielding that sword in order to gain enough points in melee to wear a particularly nice set of armor.