Dungeon Siege II Preview

Shacknews is the latest website to publish a preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon an early press copy of the action RPG sequel. Check it out:
The overall interface design is quite simplistic, which is perfect for the casual RPGer. Sometimes having two dozen menu systems can be daunting and it's refreshing to have everything simplified. Pretty much everything has a hotkey, most notably health and mana potions, allowing you to quickly heal yourself without taking you out of the heat of battle. The inventory system is carried over verbatim from the original, with a set amount of slots where you can place objects. As for the rest of the controls, movement is still the same; click the area where you want the party to move and they'll go there, click NPCs to communicate, and now you can use WASD to control the camera. The camera can still be controlled with the mouse and zoom is handled by the scroll wheel.