Dungeon Siege II Preview

Game Informer Online is the latest website to conjure up a preview of Dungeon Siege II, once again based upon a press copy of the game that has been floating around lately. A snippet:
Engaging in combat and using magic will garner you experience points and when you acquire a certain amount, you're character will level-up. Besides increasing your overall stats, leveling up also affects things such like how proficient you are when engaging in melee and ranged combat, as well as how effective your spells are. I already mentioned that you can acquire special attack powers, but you can also gain some other secondary abilities that aren't directly tied to fighting. Take, for instance, the ability of survival. Besides being able to increase your ability to use healing magic, it also allows you to cultivate magic and life replenishing potions from certain patches of flowers you find scattered throughout the game. The entire system operates on a branching tree diagram, so obviously, later abilities can only be acquired after leveling up previous ones.