Dungeon Siege II Preview

The gals over at Killer Betties have written up a preview of Dungeon Siege II, after spending some firsthand time with the action RPG sequel. Take a look:
The game plays through the story in 3 acts with several chapters in each act. These are primary quests. There are also a lot of secondary quests, which allows the players to find out more about the world of Aranna and receive some nice rewards. In one secondary quest, a woman in the infirmary in the Dryad city of Eirulan asks our hero to find her daughter. She has been taken by the Ha'ku, a usually peaceful race who has allied with the evil Morden, who make up Valdis's army. There is more to the Ha'ku than meets the eye, though, and the secondary quests allows the player to discover more about this pygmy like race.