The Witcher Peek #15

RPG Vault brings us the fifteenth installment to their "peek" feature for The Witcher, this time revealing more information about the game's weaponry. A snippet to follow:
If there is any other weapon that can conjure those beautiful visions like the bow, it is the sword. We have plenty of those, but we accept every single one given to us as a token of imminent victory anyway... Even in this inn, you could see a couple of mini-bastards, some elven taldags or the more feminine viroledans, and while looking there in the corner, you could see a zerrikan saberra on that attractive - if a litte theatening - female warrior. If you were interested in the origin of those blades, or wanted to know who actually forged them, you'd have to sneak a peek at their punchmarks; a crown or a horse's head denotes Poviss, a sun stands for Viroled, a horseshoe - the famous Esterhazy of Fano, while the crossed hammers mean that the blade originated in the very homeland of the best steel - Mahakam. Don't be too eager, though - sneaking such a peek could prove very costly indeed.