Dungeon Siege II Preview

Gamers With Jobs has put together preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon an early press copy of the game they received. The preview is different than your typical affair, though, and is more of a debate between two editors. One paragraph to get you started:
In the end, I think this is a good way for a sequel to develop. They've taken the core gameplay and tuned it up with a lot of improvements to alleviate the worst parts of the original. That said, underneath it all this is still Dungeon Siege and although the game is not complete yet, those who had a strong dislike for the original may not find enough different here to turn their opinions around. For the rest of us, I think Dungeon Siege II is shaping up to be an excellent evolution of the original and there is going to be plenty of fun to be had both in single player with the new pets and playing coop. One last thing worth mentioning is that like many games of this type you can play through again with your high level characters at a higher difficulty once you've finished the game. The obsessive among us should enjoy that.