The Witcher Peek #14

RPG Vault brings us the fourteenth installment to their "peek" feature for The Witcher, revealing some information about the game's weaponry. An excerpt:
I think that we can safely discard all the crossbows right now; they may be easier to shoot or pack a bigger punch, but who cares? Where's the art? Where's the magic? All of this can be found in bows, their shape and their flexibility, which by the way reminds me of something... But maybe it's just me. Coming back to my friend the archer - she had similar sentiments, though she talked about them in simpler terms. Simpler not meaning less affectionate.

Before she turned to the elven and driad reflexive laminates, she used the classic bows made from yew and ash wood. The new type was shorter, lighter and more handy. Also, its construction was better - the various layers of wood and animal tendons made the arrow go faster on a flatter trajectory, and thus less susceptible to wind. For many years, the archer used zerfhar bows - named for their runic, quadruple-flexed shape. She didn't think a better weapon could exist... Until she actually found IT. THE bow.