Dungeon Siege II Q&A

GameSpot has published a brief Q&A with Gas Powered Games' Daniel Achterman, in which the designer answers a handful of questions about Dungeon Siege II. Check it out:
Q: What were some of the most commonly requested multiplayer features from the fan community? How is the team turning this feedback into specific improvements in multiplayer?

A: Without a doubt, the biggest request was for there to be more for players to do. Dungeon Siege was a party-based game, but you could only control one character in multiplayer, so it was a much simpler dynamic. Dungeon Siege II does two things on this front. First, it lets each player control multiple characters, so it brings that party-based dynamic in to multiplayer. Second, it gives players a lot more to do with each character. Players have a long list of spells to choose from at any given moment, and they have to use powers intelligently to keep up with their enemies. So Dungeon Siege II multiplayer really pulls them into the game.