The Witcher Peek #10

RPGVault brings us the tenth installment to their "peek" feature for The Witcher, this time providing some information about the game's end-of-the-world prophecies. Here's a taste:
There are also many lays about the so-called "Eltibald prophecy" - the guy assured everyone that a Black Sun will rise and a certain Lilith will return to this world, "whose path will be cleared by 60 maidens in golden crowns that shall fill river vales with blood". Human race was to die out, of course... Obviously, it didn't, and the whole prophecy only served the Council of Mages as a prelude to some of their dynastical intrigues - ever wondered where the custom of locking princesses in towers originated? Now you know. Nowadays, the solar eclipse would not be so easy to exploit... Besides, what good is a prophecy that does not rhyme?