Dark Age of Camelot Status Report

Mythic Entertainment president and CEO Mark Jacobs stopped by the Camelot Herald to address the subscription increase announcement and to provide an updated status report for the MMORPG. It sounds like much of their future focus is going to be on the new player's experience. Check it out:
We must make our initial play experience friendlier to the new user. As the years have gone by, we have improved the new user experience both with expansion packs as well as with regular updates. However, we can and must go further during the next year and beyond. Here are some of the things we will be doing:

(1) Making the character creation process even easier than it is now;

(2) Adding lots of new quest and task givers to all the starting areas;

(3) Improving the display and recognition of all NPCs in a given area;

(4) Pre-populating the quickbar with all applicable starting abilities, commands, etc.

We are also looking at some other improvements including rollover text interface items, improved in-game mapping, and improving the in-game help system by integrating lots of additional information. Our goal is for DAoC to have the best user interface in the MMORPG industry and we will devote significant resources to bring this about.