Dark Age of Camelot Subscription Changes

Mythic's Mark Jacobs stopped by the Camelot Herald to report that the company will be raising the subscription rates for Dark Age of Camelot effective February 3rd. The gist of his post:
Mythic appreciates the continued support of DAOC players and with that in mind Mythic is committed to continuing to expand and improve Dark Age of Camelot far into the future. However, in the three years since DAoC first launched, Mythic's costs to operate DAoC have more than doubled as we have expanded the size of the development team in order to add new technologies and grow the world of Camelot. In order for Mythic to continue to make this significant investment after three years of not changing our subscription fees, we must raise the price of our fees in line with those increased costs. Thus, we are announcing a price increase starting on February 3rd to the prices listed below.

$14.95 per month
$40.35 for 3 months
$71.70 for 6 months
$137.40 for 1 year

To thank our current players as well as any players who return during the next thirty days, we are offering a discounted one year price plan which will enable you to lock in our lowest current subscription rate for one year at a rate of $131.40 ($10.95 per month). As an additional (thank you) we are allowing players to lock in their current billing plans for an additional period during the next thirty days. Of course, with regard to the new pricing, players who are already on three and six month plans will not be affected by this increase until the end of their current billing cycle.

While the announcement of a price increase, no matter how small, is never pleasant, this is our first price increase since the game launched and we remain committed, not only to DAoC as it is today, but also to continuing to expand and improve it with both free and retail expansion packs. This increase will allow us to continue to provide DAoC players with the best support and continued upgrades and improvements in the MMORPG industry.