Dungeon Siege II Q&A

GameSpot has published a two-page Q&A with Gas Powered Games' Kevin Lambert, in which the lead designer brings us up to speed on the single player experience in Dungeon Siege II. Here's a little something to get you started:
Q: Tell us about the quest system. We recall that the original game had a very traditional quest system that involved getting tasks from non-player characters, which are then noted in a journal. Will quests change in structure or execution from the original game? What effect will quests have on the game's larger story, and can we expect to see lots of optional side quests?

A: The quest system itself will be very recognizable to role-playing fans, and Dungeon Siege II has almost three times as many quests as the original Dungeon Siege's single-player campaign, including plenty of side quests that are much more involved than simply killing monsters. The Dungeon Siege II journal has been considerably beefed up in terms of listing all the quests, maps, lore, monsters, and handbook entries that are available in the game. This makes it easy for players to determine if they've missed something, and they can take a detour from the main storyline at any time to search for it if so desired.