Dungeon Siege II Interview

Edge Gaming has conducted an interview with Gas Powered Games' Sarah Boulian, in which the lead level designer talks about the modding capabilities of Dungeon Siege II. An excerpt to follow:
Q: From what we have been shown so far the new terrain graphics are beautiful in Dungeon Siege II. The Legends of Aranna expansion also hinted at some of the awesome graphics which the Dungeon Siege engine is capable of generating. Will we see even more detail in Dungeon Siege II and has the game engine undergone any significant changes from the first release?

A: We are of course taking advantage of recent Shader technology, and you''ll see the kinds of particle, heat, smoke and so on effects typical of recent games (provided you have a video card that supports that technology, of course it's hardware-accelerated). Dungeon Siege II's content will have its own distinct, detailed, beautiful style, and we think, looking back at DS1, you'll be astonished at how far we've come, even compared with the benchmark qualities of our original game.