Dark Age of Camelot "Bring a Friend" Program

Mythic has announced a new "Bring a Friend" program for Dark Age of Camelot that allows subscribers to earn free game time by referring friends. Here's a quick snip from the Q&A about it:
I want to earn free months where do I sign-up?
During your log-in you will see a pop-up that will ask you if you want to join the BAF program. If you don't decide to sign-up at that time, you can go to the account options opt-in.

How do I earn free months?
Tell your friends the name you used when you opted into the program. They must use this name when they sign up and set up their account. They have to use your name and give you the referral credit when they first set up their account.

Will I receive credits automatically?
Assuming that your friends correctly enter the name you provided at the time that they create their account, you will receive the bonuses.