System Shock 2 Article & Pending Announcement

In addition to a two-page "retrospective" article for System Shock 2, GameSpot brings word that Irrational Games will be announcing their next title this coming Friday. Will it be System Shock 3? Decide yourself:
But why even look back at System Shock 2 at this point? Because Irrational has been, and it plans to make a related announcement this Friday (tomorrow). The studio has decided that it wishes to further what it started in System Shock 2--to work on games that promote "emergent" gameplay--open-ended exploration that offers many choices and combinations of options to players. You'll see what we mean tomorrow. Be sure to come back then.

You'll also want to take a look at their three-and-a-half minute video interview with IR's Ken Levine, which offers even more insight into the upcoming announcement.