The Witcher Interview, Part Three

RPGVault has released the third installment to their interview concerning CD Projekt's recently announced RPG, The Witcher. Once again, both studio director Michal Kicinski and external designer Ryslaw Chojnowski answer questions about the game. Here's a little something to get you started:
Q: Will there be any rare or unique items to acquire? And what kinds of articles will be useful aside from the aforementioned weapons and armor?

A: Certainly there will be some extra rare items as well as items that have to be completed from several parts. A good example here is a special dwarven sword called sihil. Before you can use it, you'll have to complete some side quests in order to get all its parts, and then find a runesmith capable of re-forging them into a truly unique weapon. You will not find items falling out from opponent's bodies like in some other action RPGs, so don't expect getting a kick-ass sword after killing some giant rats. :)

Apart from armor and weapons, the witcher will be able to fill his backpack with different potions, elixirs, books, jewelry, and many varied quest items. As far as potions are concerned, he will have access to elixirs of vitality and endurance, as well as some special "drugs" that turn him into a mean killing machine. For example, there will be a speed potion that will make the witcher so fast he will enter a sort of a "bullet time" mode (or I should rather say "arrow-time" ;-) ) and hack and slash through his enemies. Moreover, there will be potions to upgrade his abilities - making him stronger, more agile and increasing his stamina.