The Witcher Interview, Part One

RPGVault has begun a new set of interviews, this time with CD Projekt's Michal Kicinski about their recently announced RPG, The Witcher. In the first installment, Michal discusses the game's features, environments, structure, and more. Take a look:
Q: Within this setting, what are the main events in the backstory that introduces the main character and sets the stage for the adventure to begin? And what's the primary goal in the game itself?

A: In the chaos after the war, a new force rises, The Order of Burning Rose, which has been given lands in the kingdom of Aedrin in return for helping in the war against the elves. With fire and sword, its monk-knights restore order and peace. They are very popular among the ordinary people because they claim that they know how to survive the Time of White Cold and White Lights. They say the power of cold can be defeated only by the power of fire, which they worship.

Meanwhile, on the roads and tracks, hordes of monsters start to appear. Among them are species long extinct or exterminated decades ago. Their appearance spreads panic and fear among the people, and at the same time, gives the witchers plenty of work to do.

It is in these times that our hero comes back to Kaer Morhen, a ruined stronghold of the witchers, where he was subjected to trials and mutations, and trained to be a professional monster slayer. When he arrives, a small group of mysterious assailants attacks. Only a few witchers reside there, but they easily fight back the assailants. The player must try to learn who stands behind the assault on Kaer Morhen and what the reason was for the attack. Searching for the answers will bring more questions and will involve him in a situation from which there is no turning back.