Dungeon Siege II E3 Preview

RPGDot has dished up a very short preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon what they saw of the action RPG sequel at this year's E3. Take a look:
Although the six-party system is still in place, and yes you still have those cute but often annoying pack mules, you will get the opportunity to add more interesting creatures to your party, namely 'ňúpets'. These beings, such as fire elementals, work rather like Mags in Phantasy Star Online; they can be levelled up in different ways by feeding them different items. Melee items will make them stronger, magical items with increase their magic, you get the idea.

Overall Dungeon Siege II seems to have kept the aspects that made the original game fun to play; sublime party combat and beautiful environments. In addition it seems to have poured many more treats into the mix and we'll just have to wait until later this year to taste it for ourselves.