Dungeon Siege II E3 Preview

WorthPlaying is next in line with a preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon what was seen on the show floor of this year's E3. A snippet to follow:
The developers are promising to create a more involving story but don't worry, they aren't straying too far from their roots, it's still a beer-and-pretzels RPG as opposed to a Baldur's Gate type. While you will still meet NPC's who will join your party, they won't be the slaves they used to be. Here, they'll argue amongst themselves, and they may open up additional side quests as well.

The pack mule is back, but has undergone a hefty redesign. In the original game, you'd end up with so much crap loot you were letting significant amounts of it rot on the ground since you already had 15 rusty axes or didn't have a party member who could use the item. You can now feed those items to the pack-mule which will force him to level in addition to being your valet, now he's a garbage masher as well. Speaking of loot and drops, now when a character dies, they don't drop all their items on the ground; instead they leave a gravestone they can click on to auto-loot all their items and put them back into the slots they were in.