City of Heroes Interview

Just RPG has conducted an interview with Cryptic Studios' Michael Lewis, asking the CEO several questions about their comic book-inspired MMORPG, City of Heroes. An excerpt to follow:
Q: How many possible costume permutations are in the game? Will players be able to emulate, say, Batman or Spiderman? Will Cryptic impose copyright limitations on player character choices for costumes and names?

A: While we certainly enjoy the adventures of Marvel and DC's characters, we also respect their hard work and investment in their creations. You can't duplicate any copyrighted or trademarked characters in City of Heroes and we'll fully enforce those laws as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). That being said. the powers and costume options available are so vast, you won't need to copy any character. you can come up with your own hero, or perhaps one reminiscent of your favorite.