Star Wars Galaxies Interview has conducted an interview with Haden Blackman, in which the Star Wars Galaxies producer talks about the current status of the MMORPG. An excerpt, as usual:
Q: What key content is coming in the next update?

A: The very next update is being tested right now, and hopefully should be rolled out to live later this week. And the theme - we're starting to theme all our updates to give the community something to rally around; and we want the theme to be what's important to everybody - this month is Imperial crackdown.

One of the comments that we kept getting again and again from the player-base was that the Imperials don't feel present enough. So what we've tried to do is elevate the Imperial presence across the board. So you'll start seeing, in the sky domes above certain planets, Star Destroyers and things like that.

We're bringing down periodic Stormtrooper patrols and having them scan players for contraband and those types of things.

The update will also add some combat druids and other things, and we're continually adding new art. Right next in the pipe is a bio-lab, which is a big dungeon/laboratory where the aliens from Episode II have been conducting bizarre experiments. So you'll be able to explore that and there's a big boss at the end to fight - a giant mutated monster.

Those types of dungeons we want to add on a fairly regular basis. We've got several more of those planned for the coming year, and we're revamping the Galactic Civil War to include some territory control, which will hopefully arrive at the end of the year; and then we're redesigning the Jedi qualification system as well.