Star Wars Galaxies Bi-Weekly Q&A #5

The SWG Vault has dished up the fifth installment to their bi-weekly Q&A feature with the Star Wars Galaxies developers. A snippet:
Q: Are there currently any plans to change the requirements for the Force Sensitive slot to something other than the "profession grinding" that is happening now?

A: Yes, there are some fantastic plans that are underway. The short term changes to help the Jedi were announced in last week's Friday Feature. We listened to the community over many information channels; We read oodles of e-mail, poured through the boards and read the fan sites and we've started putting these changes into motion. Keep in mind that things are just starting and it will take a few months of development, but the upcoming system changes to the Jedi system will make players very happy. The system is a rich blend of what players want and what developers think will be exciting and challenging. I for one am very pleased with the proposed changes.