Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Review

Gamer's Hell has posted a review of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, giving the action RPG an overall score of 7.4/10. Their conclusion to follow:
I wanted Fallout 3. I really, really wanted Fallout 3. In my opinion it's unfortunate that Interplay wanted to go with consoles and 3D instead of continuing what we all know kicked ass on the PC. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel isn't a bad game, but it's far from memorable. It'll keep you entertained for a good 10-12 hours, but beyond unlocking harder difficulties there's not much replay value. I think this is a game for those who thought Fallout was too hard, or too weird, but if you were a die-hard fan of the games, then a rental will be enough. Those simply looking for a new action game might like the game for its good arsenal of weapons and foul language, but in my opinion it's not a game worth owning.