Fallout 3 Receives An Award

Black Isle's Fallout 3 has been awarded second place in this year's "Vaporware Awards" at Wired.com. Here's a rip from the award, which even includes a quote from former developer Damien Foletto:
2. Fallout 3 (Black Isle Studios)

Fallout 3 was supposed to be the sequel to the two highly regarded mutant shoot 'em ups that preceded it. Alas, publisher Interplay fired the entire development team at Black Isle Studios but neglected to tell anyone about it.

Despite it being widely known that the game is dead, the company continues to pretend the project is still alive and well.

"Interplay's dissolution of Black Isle Studios and the concomitant cancellation of the third RPG (role-playing game) in the Fallout series is, without a doubt, the most heartbreaking vaporware event of the year," said Ron Straight.

"Shame on Interplay," wrote reader S. Bartok.

Reader Damien Foletto said, "If Wired News has a dipstick maneuver of the year award, Interplay should get that one."