More Deus Ex: Invisible War Reviews

Two more favorable reviews have surfaced for the recently released Deus Ex sequel. The first can be found at LoadedInc, with an overall score of 8.8/10:
Fans of the first Deus Ex will have to open to the changes made in Invisible War since the game was designed to be played on a console as well as a PC. Some purists may cry foul with the dropping of the skill feature and the new HUD design but overall, fans of the first game should be happy that Invisible War maintains the same level of storyline depth and open-ended gameplay that the Deus Ex name is known for. It's by no means perfect but it still manages to stand above the legion of cookie-cutter action games.

And the second can be found at Gaming Media, with an overall score of 85%:
Still, despite some of my complaints, Deus Ex: Invisible War truly is a great game. With multiple possible endings, many players may want to go back to see how things would have turned out if they played the game differently. Fans of the original Deus Ex will certainly want to give this game a try, and even if you have not tried the first game out, I would still recommend this game to action fans, and even RPG players who are looking for a great story told through complex gameplay. Deus Ex: Invisible War was will worth my time, and hopefully our friends at Ion Storm and Eidos would be willing to grace us with another sequel.