Star Wars: KotOR PC First Impressions & Interview

GameSpy has posted their first impressions of the PC version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, along with an interview with BioWare's Casey Hudson. Here's a quick excerpt from their first impressions:
The key issue, though, is how well does KotOR function as both a Star Wars game and a premiere RPG? I'm happy to report success on both counts (so far, anyway). While I haven't yet reached Jedi status, the atmosphere of the game manages to capture that "Star Wars" magic than many other recent LucasArts games (or the last two films for that matter). I'm amazed at how quickly I've gotten caught up in the story of Darth Malak. Even better, fans of the Baldur's Gate series will immediately feel at home with the enormous laundry list of morally ambiguous quests and the reactions of people in the game as you lean more toward the Light or Dark side.

And here's a taste of the Casey Hudson interview:
Q: You've added the Heart of the Guardian lightsaber. Can you tell us more about it, as well as other new weapons, armor, and items in the game?

A: Without giving away its unique history, the Heart of the Guardian is based on a magnificently shaped lightsaber crystal of unknown composition. It has a unique color that will be especially cool for dark side players. There's also an equally cool new lightsaber for light side players, called "Mantle of the Force."