Version 1.66C Patch Notes (Test)

Straight from the Camelot Herald:

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.66c Release Notes

October 31, 2003



- We fixed a bug that allowed Shadowblades who reached Master Level One to pick the Banelord ability track. This has been fixed, and is now correctly set to be a choice of either Spymaster or Battlemaster. Anyone who chose Banelord as their track is now set to Battlemaster. Anyone who would rather be a Spymaster can enter an emergency /Appeal in-game, and CS will change this for you. This is a one time opportunity for change, and is only available to Shadowblades who originally chose Banelord as their ability track.


Albion Monsters

Dales of Devwy

- The blood liches and ancient zombies associated with the Valnir encounter will no longer attack when other kinds of undead nearby are attacked.


Oceanus Encounters

- Fadrin has been lowered in difficulty in order to bring it in line with the rest of Trial.

- We have resolved numerous problems with Krojer and his troop. Please note that Krojer's champions will now de-spawn briefly should any of the champions win.

Kirkleis Island

- Nedfall traps are now active. Please beware of this when attacking Kirkleis. You will need an item from a previous trial in order to navigate through these traps.

Egg of Youth

- The huge braziers have been lowered in hits and they will no longer issue an incorrect message when destroyed.

Stygia Encounters

Dream Sphere Encounter

- The burning lengui will now aggress on players sooner, should they come under attack.

Stygia Quests

- The Hibernian Quest, Homecoming for a Hero will now step correctly when you SEARCH the sandy island.


- The North Hall gate key will now properly unlock the North Hall gate in Sobekite Eternal.

Oceanus Quests

- Asoeron had his quest level improperly set. If you have done or are doing the Wicoessa's Proposition quest, try checking back with Asoeron. He should take your ruins now.

- The Seed Pouch and Origins of the Harpies: Players who were previously stuck on these two quests now have the option to return to the quest giver (Riranwyn for the Harpy quest and Astoissi for the Seed quest) to have these quests cleared from them. They will then be able to start the quest over again. The harpy quest steps are steps 4, 5, and 6. The seed quest steps are 2, 3 and 4. Players who are not stuck are urged to continue their quest as normal.

Item Notes

- The Fiery Defender (Hibernia) no longer increases strength cap twice.

- The greater nereid potion and the potion of aquatic respiration can no longer be sold to NPC merchants.

- Krojer's Charisma Ring for Albion and Hibernia has changed from a power regen charge to a haste charge.

- Krojer's Empathy Ring and Krojer's Piety Ring have changed from Acuity charges to power regen charges.


- Haven of Oceanus (ToA) - Talen and Tycana will no longer spawn on top of each other.

- Haven of Volcanus (ToA) - The merchants in the Haven of Volcanus have returned from their vacation.


- Haven of Oceanus (ToA) - Talen and Tycana will no longer spawn on top of each other.