Dungeon Siege Interview

1Up has conducted an interview with several members of the Dungeon Siege development team, including Chris Taylor of GPG, Ian Davis of Mad Doc, and Steve Wartofsky of Microsoft. An excerpt to follow:
Q: I know you guys are fans of Dungeon Siege's huge back-story... Where does Legends of Aranna come from and where does it fit in?

A: Mad Doc came up with the story and we commented as needed to tailor it between DS1 and DS2. Fortunately, the DS world has such an immense back-story (thanks to Neal Hallford) that we could have gone in any of a dozen different directions with the DS:LoA story. Mad Doc's team really gravitated towards the jungle theme, so we found a way that they could run wild with that without touching any elements that we might want to hold in reserve for DS2.