Mythica Interview

Game Chronicles has conducted an interview with Microsoft's John Carswell, asking him several questions about their upcoming MMORPG, Mythica. Check it out:
Q: Firstly, Mythica branches off from the standard MMORPG in so many ways as to be almost unrecognizable. Where did the idea for Mythica come from and how hard was it to convince others that the concept could be pulled off?

A: A lot of the team plays MMP games, and in fact are very addicted to MMPs. This made us really think about what we liked and didn't like about the current MMPs that are out there. That gave us the core design goal for Mythica. We want the player to be the hero. This allowed us to think of many ways to help change the MMP space. The core was Private Realms and bringing the single player game experience to the MMP space. And what better genre for heroes than Norse Mythology, where you get to be a god and gain worshipers?

Making games at Microsoft is an interesting process. The company has a long history of building software but it's only in the last couple years that we've started understanding what it takes to make great entertainment. Microsoft is used to taking on huge technological challenges, and as such the justification for investing in Mythica was focused initially on technology. But in order for us to turn the corner, we needed to prove that we could entertain. It has taken a tremendous amount of work to get the game to where it is today, but it is certainly entertaining. And there's a lot of excitement about what we are doing with Mythica.