Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Interview

WorthPlaying has conducted an interview with Interplay's Chuck Cuevas, producer for the upcoming Xbox/PS2 RPG, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. An excerpt:
Q: What type of weapons, armor, and items will this game have? What is your favorite character/weapon in the game, and why?

A: Lots and lots of items, ranging from stuff cobbled together from post-apocalyptic junk to standard military issue to implements of mass destruction straight out of 1950's sci-fi. There are three main classes of weapons melee, ranged, and explosive. In the melee class, the player can find and use anything from bare knuckles to a Power Fist, from a rusty shiv to a giant Plasma Saw, from a spiked baseball bat to a gleaming Super Sledgehammer (which knocks enemies around like they were helium balloons). In the ranged class, you've got your guns. Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, flame throwers, rocket launchers. But there's more than the conventional stuff; there are home-made laser rifles, plasma cannons, and lots more. And then there are the explosives lots of different types of explosive devices. Not only can the player use lots of different weapons, but he can develop his skills in different classes, depending upon his preferences. Then there's the different sets of armor, stimpacks, drugs, and so on. Really tons of stuff for the player to collect and use throughout the game.