Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Interview

GameZone Online has conducted an interview with Interplay's Chuck Cuevas, asking the producer quite a few questions about the upcoming Xbox/PS2 title, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. An excerpt to follow:
Q: Is the Brotherhood of Steel an allegiance or membership society that players must qualify for, or does the game begin with players already in the Brotherhood? Are there ranks that players can attain within the Brotherhood?

A: The "keepers of knowledge and lore" is one of the lines from the Brotherhood of Steel Honor Code. This line, along with "hold accountable the actions of others," probably best define what their mission is. Starting out as a group of survivors and developing into their own society is the result of 80 years of conflict and solitude.

In our story, the Brotherhood is investigating some strange rumors of mutant beings surfacing near the area formerly known as North Texas. As an Initiate in the Brotherhood, it is your job to locate and assist a group of Paladins that was sent to that area. Usually, the task ordained upon an Initiate is one that very few return from. They are sent out with little gear and little means of survival with all the understanding that they may not return. But if they do survive, then the Brotherhood awaits.

In Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel the player has the ability to obtain different ranks as he/she progresses through the story. The ultimate ranking for this experience is Paladin.