Dark Age of Camelot Interview

The Camelot Vault has conducted an interview with Mythic's Line Producer Mike "Mackey" Lescault. The interview covers Mike's path to the gaming industry, his current work on game balance, realm vs. realm combat, and more. Have a look:
Q: Most gaming company employees are also avid gamers. Besides Camelot, what other games are you playing at the moment? Also, what type of system do you have at home and do you also have any consoles?

A: I have an Xbox, a PS2, and a GameCube, but I am not really a big console game player. My machine at home isn't that great; I think it's a P3 733 with a 1.4 upgrade chip tossed on it. I mostly just play DAOC, but I do like to take a day or two and mess around with any new games that come out, if only to make sure I don't miss anything cool or innovative. With other MMOGs, I try to spend as much time playing them as I can, to see what they do well and not so well, and also because I am just a really big fan of MMOGs in general.