Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis Interview

HomeLan Fed has conducted an interview with Mythic Entertainment's Matt Firor, in which they ask several questions about the upcoming DAoC expansion pack, Trials of Atlantis. Check it out:
HomeLAN - What new skills and professions will be put into Trials of Atlantis?

Matt Firor - The biggest character advancement system in Trials of Atlantis will be Master Levels. These are skills and abilities that are gained by players as they adventure through the lands of Atlantis. The backstory is that the Atlanteans knew that their civilization was going to be destroyed, and were intelligent enough to realize that future cultures would some day discover the ruins of their lands and try to exploit the Atlantean knowledge of magic and power. So, the Atlanteans built an obstacle course into the ruins of their civilization, which adventurers must figure out and overcome in order to be granted the knowledge they are looking for - the Atlanteans wanted to make sure that the future cultures discovering their lands were worthy of the knowledge they were looking for. These obstacles are the "trials" in Trials of Atlantis. There are nine such Trials and each one grants the player that successfully completes it a Master Level. With each Master Level, the player learns new skills and abilities to make them more versatile. Instead of simply making a player more powerful, Master Levels attempt to make a character more well-rounded, to give them more tools and abilities they can use.