Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Developer Diary #3

Interplay has posted the third installment of their Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel developer diary series, written by a developer named Ruby. Check it out:
We got the Radscorpions working and ready to sting ya, some rain and lightning storms are rollin' in and I think I even saw a few, what do you call them huge clawed thingys. oh.Deathclaws running around the old ruins. Pretty ferocious stuff I tell ya. Saw a fella get attacked by one a' them sumbitches once; wasn't enough of him left to feed a puppy.

It has been real excitin' seeing the town come to life. We been havin' such a good time I think we have attracted a few. undesirables. Them nasty raiders are actin' like they own this town. That no good Raider Matron has got them twisted around her little ole finger and they do anything she tells them to. We need someone to teach her a lesson.