Dark Age of Camelot Foundations

Mythic's Sanya Thomas dropped us an email letting us know that they've opened a new section on the Camelot Herald called "Foundations". This new area explains everything you'd ever want to know about how housing in Dark Age of Camelot will work, and how it will benefit players overall. Take a look at the list of features on the site:

  • Four unique housing models available in each realm, representing the theme of the realms themselves
  • A variety of customization features available for modifying the outer appearance of your home and give it an individual look
  • The ability to display guild, class, or tradeskill banners inside and outside of your home
  • A customizable garden in the yard surrounding your home, where players can place many garden objects to further customize the outer appearance of the home itself
  • The ability to upgrade or downgrade a home from one house model to the next
  • A detailed "house friends" list, which allows players to create a list of people who are allowed to enter their homes
  • A permissions system used to allow "house friends" to perform certain duties for the home as in buying objects, maintaining the vault, etc.
  • The ability to convert one's home into a Guild House
  • New Housing NPC Objects, such as Smiths, Enchanters, Tradeskill merchants, etc. to place in one's home and sell items at a discount to the house members
  • House Vaults and Guild Vaults used to store items in the home itself
  • Private tradeskill tools for use in the home